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Summary of process and calendar of proclaiming ceremony the Real Grace of Father Francisco Chavier Truong Buu Diep

Summary of process and calendar of proclaiming ceremony the Real Grace of Father Francisco Chavier Truong Buu Diep.

Phase in Viet Nam:
08/15/2011:  “The Union of Father Franscisco Chavier Trương bửư Diệp’s sympathetizers” has been established, to motivate the request of opening the judgment of the Real Grace for Father Diệp.
08/16/2011: The Bishop of Cần Thơ province ratified the Name, the Goal and the objective of the Union.
08/19/2011: the Union designated Father Pierre Trần Thế Tuyên as the Proclaimer of the judgment above.
08/22/2011: The proclaimer, himself, really begged the Bishop opening this judgement .
08/25/2011: The Bishop accepted  the request and started to open a preliminary investigation .
Sept – Oct, 2011: The Bishop of Cần Thơ  province consulted the other Great Father in Long Xuyên, Cambodia and the Vietnamese Pontiff  Assembly. 
November, 2011: The Bishop of Cần Thơ province  proclaimed within the Congregation about the opening of the judgement, let the catholics submitting the stories and documents related to Father Diệp .
12/03/2011: The Bishop demanded the Holy Vatican about the obstacles if so.
12/03/2011: The Bishop designated one specialist Board, expert on history and locking up, to scavenge and research all the documents related to Father Diệp.
12/26/2011: The Bishop designated a judiciary Board to acknowledge officially all the evidences of the witnesses.
The next steps:
05/01/2012: The reunion opened the investigation of diocesan level at Cần Thơ province. Everybody took an oath. The petition claimer has submitted the witnesses list.
January, 2012 – June, 2012. The investigation officers of the diocesan level Court has admitted all witnesses evidences.
June, 2012: The stories committee has reported the researching results.
July, 2012: The Court and the petition claimer has reexamined again all of the evidences and documents.
August, 2013: The meeting came to an end officially of the investigation at diocesan level. All of the informations related to the case would be sealed and sent back to the Holy Vatican.
Phase in Rome:
Sept, 2013 – June, 2014: The Ministry of Saints reexamined officially all of the Information’s received. Those people would qualify for that diocesan level case to see it whether valuable or not.
The Fall of 2014: The Ministry of Saints designated an real specialist (as a Relator) to research for the canonization of Father Diệp.
2914-2016 : This specialist, with one collaborator , as an  outsider of the Holy Vatican, would have prepared a real, complete dossier (called as “positio”) to submit upon to the Holy Vatican, includes:
a. The biography of Father Franscisco Chavier Trương Bửư Diệp.
b. The inventory of all of sworn words and documents related
c. Based on those, to prove the martyr of Father Diệp:
- How did Father get Martyr?
- Did he willingly devote his life to Jesus Christ?
- What reasons did the murderer kill him with? Is that they hated the catholic religion?
- How did his followers and the others verdict?
- Is he famous for his sanctity and does he have the power of accomplishments from God ?
2016-2017: The Positio has been examined by the jurors Board, nominated by The Holy Vatican.
2018-2019: If those two Boards  above acknowledged , a group of cardinals would examine again to confer the canonization and submit upon to the Pope.
2018-2019: The Pope approves and will permit organizing the solemny ceremony of his enthronement in Việt Nam.

The original is in French language: by Pulpit Roland Jacques, OMI
The translator into Vietnamese: Nguyễn Thành Viễn